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Gluten Free Certified Personal Chef Gift Certificate

Going out to dinner for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day when dealing with a gluten allergy (or some other food allergy) can be scary and often take a nice evening and turn it into something less than romantic! Chef Vedam Gluten Free Certified Personal Chef has an incredible solution for you!

Chef Vedam will work with you to customize a perfectly delicious and romantic gluten free four course meal for you and your loved one! Once the menu has been approved, Chef Vedam will come to your home, and create your romantic dinner for two, serve and clean up afterwards; all you have to think about is enjoying your meal and each other!

Just think about it…

  • Not having to deal with traffic, crowds, possible inclement weather, waiting for your reservation at a busy restaurant, or generic menu items, and rude servers not wanting to be there!
  • You can dress up or be in your most comfy clothes and slippers - it’s up to you!
  • No concern about any sort of cross contamination… as long as your kitchen is gluten free, Chef Vedam will guarantee your meal will be also!

Your Gluten Free Four Course Meal will consist of:



Romantic and Delicious Meal


And 1 bottle of either Red or White Wine

All you have to do is sit down and enjoy… AND ABSOLUTELY NO CLEAN UP AFTERWARDS!

This gift certificate can be given as a gift and celebrated on Valentine’s Day ($450.00); however, Chef Vedam can only serve one service, so call to reserve your event TODAY! or…

Give this as a gift to be used at another time like an anniversary or birthday ($400.00) to be used other than Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years.

Gift Certificate expires 1 year after date purchased.

After your menu has been approved, Chef Vedam will shop on the day of your event so your food is as fresh as possible (unless items such as desserts, etc. need extra time to cook, cool and be ready to serve, which will be done the day before). Chef Vedam will come to your home (You don’t have to be there. Chef Vedam will arrange details with you about getting a key and entering your home), set up, and begin to cook your fabulous meal. You come home, freshen up after a long day, sit down, be served a wonderful meal, and Chef Vedam cleans up and leaves, leaving you to enjoy your evening! Chef Vedam brings everything needed to prepared a fabulous meal for you, all you need is a fully working oven and stove top, table, dishes and wine glasses. Estimated time is 4.5 hours which includes set up, cook time, serving and clean up!

Gratuity is not included but very appreciated. Gratuity can added to the purchase of gift certificate or can be paid at the end of service.

A gift certificate can be created for you, and either emailed to you to print, or one can be mailed to you, if you would like to give it as a gift!

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